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Security Concepts, Inc. (SCI)



Security Concepts, Inc (SCI) provides guard services to reassure your safety and the protection of your property.

We provide security officer services for a wide range of businesses, residential properties, and government clients, including but not limited to:


Mobile patrol services are very practical for a business with a tight budget. It is an affordable way to protect your assets.

Get peace of mind now by having our vigilant mobile patrol officers take care of your property while you’re away, and can even check on the welfare of your employees.

The best part about this service is it is available for a fraction of the cost it takes for a full time security officer.

The primary purpose of the SCI patrol officer is to provide visibility, deter criminal activity, and report and abnormal or irregular conditions patrols may find during their time on the property.

SCI patrol services consist of, but are not limited to:

security   security

Our mobile patrol officers will come to your business or home and perform an integrity test by checking doors and windows, monitoring your parking lot, looking for suspicious activity, and other additional duties as needed.

Apartment complex security management: Respond to residents complaints, enforce rules and regulations, lock/unlock pools, and maintain integrity of fitness centers, laundry rooms, and lighting of complex.


Security Concepts can help you to plan your event by reviewing the event specifics and offering an advance planning consultation.  Security Concepts has years of experience in this field, and will work with fire marshals and liquor agents to protect all aspects of your event. Security Concepts has experienced event security personnel. We can help during the event by directly managing a large portion of personnel. Finally once the event is finished Security personnel will help disperse guests in a safe manor.

Security Concepts had the experience and knowledge in helping you produce a safe and secure environment in a number of venues including convention centers, entertainment venues, fairgrounds, arenas, festivals, racetracks, stadiums, theaters, hotels, teen events and other event venues.

Security Concepts offers a wide variety of special events management services that consists of utilizing metal detectors, bag searches, crowd management, parking attendants, security personnel, ticket selling/taking, traffic control and ushering.


SCI had been very successful in maintaining a large core of senior experience officer.  Recent statistics support the fact that 88% of SCI employees have been with the company for over 1 year and 35% of the SCI employees have over 5years security and law enforcement experience.

SCI prides itself in maintaining a fully functional training academy. SCI promotes from within, by offering training incentives.  The more training and education a security officer achieves the greater their advancement and promotions can be.

Security Officers are allowed to advance to Guard Levels 1, 2, & 3. By doing so, security officers can gain rank.  Security Officers after 6 months are allowed to apply for Corporal Rank. After 1 year, officers are allowed to apply for Sgt. Rank. Rank is also based on past law enforcement experience, military experience, and education. Any rank above Sgt. is considered management. Lt. and Capt. are site supervisors or assistant managers.  For these positions officers have to have knowledge of human resources, office skills, sales, and motivational skills. With these promotions or advancements pay increases will follow.


We believe that in order to be successful we must continue to incorporate new technologies into the way that we do business.  SCI has the capability to support the following option for our accounts.