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SCI had been very successful in maintaining a large core of senior experience officer.  Recent statistics support the fact that 88% of SCI employees have been with the company for over 1 years and 35% of the SCI employees have over 5years security and law enforcement experience.

SCI prides itself in maintaining a fully functional training academy. SCI promotes from with in, by offering training incentives.  The more training and education a security officer achieves the greater there advancement and promotions.

Security Officers are allowed to advance to Guard Levels 1, 2, & 3. Security Officers are allowed to advance themselves to gain rank.  Security Officers after 6 months are allowed to apply for Corporal Rank. After 1 year, officers are allowed to apply for Sgt. Rank. Rank is also based on past law enforcement experience, military experience, and education. Any rank above Sgt. is considered management. Lt. and Capt. are site supervisors or assistant managers.  For these positions officers have to have knowledge of human resources, office skills, sales, and motivational skills. With these promotions or advancements pay increases will follow.